Mark's Solar Journey with Encom Energy: A Belfast Success Story

14th June 2024

Meet Mark, one of our newest customers from Belfast, who recently made the switch to solar energy with Encom Energy. In this post, we'll explore Mark's journey, the benefits he has experienced, and why he recommends Encom Energy for your solar journey in Northern Ireland.


Why Mark Chose Solar Energy?

Mark had three main considerations for switching to solar energy:

1. Cost of Living Crisis: The rising cost of living pushed Mark to find ways to save on his electricity bills.

2. Sustainability: Mark wanted to contribute positively to the environment by reducing his carbon footprint.

3. Advanced Technology: The current advancements in solar and battery technology made it a viable and efficient option for his home.


Comprehensive Solar Installation

Mark's installation included:

- 16 JA Solar 435 Panels

- 1 x 3.6kW Inverter

- 1 x 10kWh Battery

- 1 x Eddi & Ballast Flat Roof System

- EV Charger

This setup not only helps Mark save an estimated £1388 annually on his electricity bills but also ensures he can manage his energy consumption efficiently.


Why Mark Chose Encom Energy

Mark's decision to choose Encom Energy was influenced by several factors:

- Referrals: Positive reviews from other customers who had worked with Encom.

- Customer Service: Mark was impressed by our professionalism, responsiveness, and friendliness. He appreciated that he was not pressured into a solution that didn't fit his needs.

- Local Presence: Being a local company in Northern Ireland, Encom's proximity was a significant advantage for Mark.

- Value for Money: While the costs were competitive, the personal touch and high level of service made Encom the clear choice.


Benefits of an Encom Solar Installation

Since his installation, Mark has enjoyed several benefits:

- Reduced Electricity Bills: Mark has significantly lowered his energy costs by generating his own electricity and storing it in the solar battery.

- Sustainable Living: With solar energy, Mark has minimised his reliance on the grid and reduced his carbon footprint.

- Electric Vehicle Integration: Mark can charge his EV using the solar power generated and he plans to buy a second EV soon.

- Energy Management: The system allows Mark to monitor and manage his energy consumption remotely via an app, ensuring efficiency and convenience.


Customer Satisfaction and Recommendation

Mark's positive experience with Encom shows our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. From the electricians and scaffolders to the installers, every team member contributed to a seamless and professional installation process.

If you live in Northern Ireland and are considering a switch to solar energy, Mark's story highlights the numerous benefits and the exceptional service provided by Encom Energy. If you want to reduce your electricity bills, contribute to a sustainable future and work with a professional and responsive team, Encom Energy is your go-to choice.

Ready to make the switch to solar energy? Contact Encom Energy today to learn more about how you can save money and live sustainably with our customised solar solutions.