Encom Can Help Northern Irish Businesses Secure the Energy Efficiency Capital Grant

26th April 2024

At Encom Energy, we're excited to introduce another fantastic opportunity for Northern Irish businesses looking to enhance their sustainability and operational efficiency. The Energy Efficiency Capital Grant (EECG), facilitated by Invest Northern Ireland and funded through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, offers significant financial support to businesses aiming to reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint.


Understanding the EECG

The EECG provides grants up to £150,000, helping businesses invest in energy-efficient technology. Whether you're a small startup or a large corporation, the grant covers a percentage of eligible project costs tailored to your business size—up to 50% for small and micro businesses, 40% for medium-sized enterprises, and 30% for large companies.


Eligible Projects

If your business is contemplating upgrading its heating and cooling systems, enhancing lighting efficiency, or installing onsite renewable generation, the EECG could help subsidise these changes. To qualify, your business must be a registered company in Northern Ireland, have been trading for at least two years, and the project must be implemented at premises registered for business rates with Land and Property Services.


Why Invest in Energy Efficiency?

Investing in energy-efficient solutions not only reduces operating costs but also aligns with global sustainability goals. By reducing energy usage, businesses can lower their overall carbon emissions, contributing to a greener economy. Encom Energy can guide you through the grant application process, ensuring you maximise the benefits of this initiative while implementing high-efficiency solar solutions.


Integrating Corporate Sustainability Responsibility (CSR)

In today's market, Corporate Sustainability Responsibility (CSR) is not just a compliance requirement but a strategic asset that enhances brand trust and loyalty. By leveraging the EECG to adopt energy-efficient solutions, businesses can make significant strides in their CSR efforts—demonstrating a commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable business practices. This proactive approach not only meets increasing consumer and regulatory expectations but also positions companies as leaders in the transition to a sustainable future.


How Encom Energy Can Help

As Northern Ireland’s leading solar panel installer, Encom Energy is perfectly positioned to assist your business in integrating solar technology with other energy-efficient upgrades eligible under the EECG. From initial consultation to final installation, we ensure a seamless transition to greener energy solutions, helping you leverage these financial incentives to their fullest potential.


Take the Next Step

If you’re ready to enhance your business’s energy efficiency and capitalise on the financial and environmental benefits of the EECG, contact Encom today. Discover how our expertise in solar energy and our commitment to sustainable business practices can transform your energy consumption profile.