Embracing Solar Energy: Cathy's Journey with Encom Energy

22nd December 2023

When it comes to embracing solar energy, nothing beats hearing about it from someone who's actually made the switch. Meet Cathy, a recent Encom Energy customer, who shares her personal experience with solar panels and battery systems. Her story is a real-life example of how switching to solar can be a game-changer for homeowners.

Making the Switch: Why Solar?

Cathy's journey began with a concern familiar to many: skyrocketing electricity bills. With energy prices on the rise, Cathy looked for a sustainable and cost-effective alternative. This is where solar power came into the picture—a solution that's becoming increasingly popular among homeowners seeking energy independence and lower bills.


Why Cathy Chose Encom Energy for Solar Installation

Picking the right solar energy provider can be daunting. Cathy went with Encom Energy, particularly impressed by our battery storage system. For her, this wasn't just about harnessing solar energy; it was about maximising its potential through efficient storage, ensuring energy availability at all times, and cutting costs even more.

Installation Experience with Encom Energy: A Seamless Process

Cathy's experience with the Encom was seamless and professional. The installation of solar panels and battery systems was carried out by our experts who not only understood the technicalities but also respected her home. Encom took care of the entire process, including the paperwork, making Cathy's transition to solar as smooth as possible.


Real Benefits: Saving on Electricity Bills

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. For Cathy, the installation of solar panels led to a noticeable decrease in her electricity bills—a tangible benefit that's hard to ignore. This is often the primary goal for many considering solar power, and Cathy's story confirms that it's achievable.


Would Cathy Recommend Encom Energy in Northern Ireland?

In Cathy's own words, "Yes, we would definitely recommend Encom Energy to anyone thinking of getting a solar panel installation." Coming from someone who has experienced the process and benefits first-hand, this recommendation speaks volumes about Encom Energy's service and the effectiveness of their solar solutions.


Join Cathy in the Solar Movement with Encom Energy

Cathy's journey with Encom highlights the practical and financial advantages of solar energy. If you're thinking about making a switch to solar, take it from Cathy—a satisfied customer who's now enjoying the benefits of a cleaner, more affordable energy source.


Are you ready to take control of your energy costs like Cathy did? Explore the possibilities with Encom, where the future of energy is not just bright; it's solar-powered.