Protect your business from future energy price rises.

At Encom Commercial we provide…

  • Solar PV
  • EV Charging Solutions
  • Energy storage solutions
  • Digital software controls
  • Bespoke design & manufacturing
  • Based in Belfast
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Key Points

Security of supply

Up to 25% R.O.I over 5yrs

Fixed budgetable energy costs

Finance packages available

High reliability, Low maintenance

EV Charging Solutions

  • Free Site Survey Advice of Charging Requirements
  • Civils & Cabling Planning and Design
  • Maintenance
  • Dashboard Monitoring
    compatible to any type of Charging Station supporting OCPP (open charge point protocol)
  • Bespoke Software

EV Chargers

Key Business Benefits

  • Attract more footfall
  • Appeal to customers with EV chargers
  • Attract eco-conscious employees and customers
  • Help employees and contractors reach net zero targets
  • Put your business on the map
  • Maximise your existing benefits package to employees
  • Help "fuel" the return to the office

Battery Storage Solutions

Rosen 10 kwh Powerwall

PV Panels

Powering Business

Are you looking for a way to lower your electricity bills?

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